Goodnight Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen, who died yesterday aged 63, will be best remembered by both young and old as the fiesty investigative journalist come galactic crime fighter a part she played on, and off, for 37 years in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The outpouring of grief shown all over the internet shows just how much she meant to so many people and how she touched our lives with her winning portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith, the best companion the Doctor has ever had.

She will be much missed by her family: her husband Brian Miller and daughter Sadie, and by all who loved Sarah Jane, but she will never ever be forgotten. The universe may have lost one its brightest stars but she will live on in the hearts of many, many people.


The Sarah Jane Adventure: Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith brings the fourth season of Sarah Jane Adventures to a close, and also sees the return of Tommy Knight as Luke in a proper appearance (and not just on a computer screen) after the events of the first episode.

In the first episode Sarah Jane and the gang went after an alien sighting only to find that someone had beaten them to it. Then gang decided to introduce themselves to this person to see exactly what is was that she was up to with Sarah being very sceptical about the whole thing. The woman was very rude at first to them and didn’t want anything to do with them the first time that they met but soon she introduced herself as Ruby White and showed them a handheld device that she had that was sort of similar to Mr Smith (which they renamed Mr White) and that it was that that was making her aware of any alien tech in the area.

The next time that an alien is found in the vicinity they found that Ruby was there when they got there once more. Shocked by this Sarah made an uncharacteristic mistake which put her and the others in danger. Shocked by this and by the fact that she has been feeling very tired and forgetful and gets Mr Smith to give her a full medical scan which turns out that she is not in a good way at all.

Sarah then (rather uncharacteristically I would say) decided that it was time to step down a bit and let Ruby take over her role of protector of the Earth, even giving her access to Mr Smith. This was Sarah’s final mistake as from that moment on the woman revealed who she really was, another alien who wanted the Earth for herself who had disables Mr Smith and was ready to let any aliens who wanted a piece of the Earth have a piece of their choice.

Hence the return of Luke, who was contacted by Rani who had his number on her mobile, which was about the one thing that Ruby, had not seen to her in her plan which almost seemed watertight. However thanks to K9 and Luke they were able to rescue Sarah Jane.

This was another classic episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures with a new character introduced who at face value was virtually a younger version of Sarah Jane herself, but who wasn’t anything of the sort in the end. In fact the story was more interesting in the first part than in the second part, which is often the case in this series.

It did seem a bit sudden though all this stuff with Sarah not being herself, and might have been a bit more effective if this had been going on for a few stories rather than just thrust upon the viewers like it was in this case, but that would have affected the resolution of the other stories too, so perhaps that is why it only came into effect in this episode.

I fully enjoyed this fourth series of adventures featuring Sarah and the gang and look forward to the next set of adventures next year, hoping that they keep up the standard shown so far.

Aye, Aye Captain

The Sarah Jane Adventures : Lost in Time

In this episode the three main characters all had their own mini-storyline and they met a strange character who worked in an antique shop, who seemed to have power over the space time continuum and had parrot called Captain. Whoever he was he somehow managed to create a time portal using his bare hands so he must be someone quite powerful. It was never divulged who he was so perhaps he may return one day, or they might have actually said who he was by the end of the episode. Perhaps he is another of the Guardians?

The gist of the story was that there were different pieces of some alien artefact scattered throughout time in completely different time periods which the strange shopkeeper wanted back in his possession before the world as they knew it ended.

Rani finds herself in the Tudor period, Sarah in the Victorian era and Clyde in the second world war and are basically left to find something that they have no idea about, and even less idea of what it might look like. So, no pressure there really.

Rani befriends Lady Jane Gray, the nine day queen; Sarah befriends a young girl looking for ghosts in an old house still mourning from the death of her mother and Clyde befriends a young lad who has spotted a group of Nazi soldiers on the beach.

In each of these time periods there is part of the alien artefact that the shopkeeper had told them about and each of them have only a certain amount of time to retrieve this or the world will be no more but of course it was never going to be as easy as that and it wasn’t obvious straight away what items they were looking for and then there was the whole issue of actually getting their hands on them and getting them back to the present day where the shopkeeper was waiting for them.

This was, in my opinion, one of the weaker stories in this series of Sarah Jane Adventures, there were some nice moments in the story but in general it wasn’t as good as some of the other stories that we have had so far.