Star Trek 1.4

The Enemy Within The Enterprise is orbiting the planet Alfa 177. On the surface a geological survey team is making a survey of the planet with Kirk and Sulu present. One of the technicians, Fisher, slips and injured himself and Kirk orders him back to the Enterprise. When Scotty tries to beam him back there…… Continue reading Star Trek 1.4

Star Trek 1.3

Mudd’s Women The Enterprise is chasing after a cargo ship which appears to be trying to avoid them by refusing to accept hails and not taking them on at all. Trying to escape through a asteroid field the small ship overloads its engines. Kirk orders the enterprise to extend its shields to protect the craft…… Continue reading Star Trek 1.3

Star Trek 1.2

The Corbomite Maneuver The Enterprise is on its third day of mapping stars and some of the crew are getting sick of it, particularly Lt Dave Bailey, the navigator. As Spock tells him they are the first people to travel out so far so these stars have not been mapped before. Then suddenly they detect…… Continue reading Star Trek 1.2

Star Trek 1.1

Where No Man Has Gone Before The Enterprise picks up a distress call that seems to emenate from a ship, the S.S. Valiant, which has been missing for two hundred years. The bridge crew are able to locate the source of the call and beam it onto the ship. Kirk and Spock are not on…… Continue reading Star Trek 1.1