Going Underground

In episode two of The Trial of a Timelord we find out a bit more about Ravalox’s underground civilisation which seems to be ruled by a being known only as the immortal by all of the people living under the ground. This immortal is actually a robot who has controlled the underground civilisation for centuries…… Continue reading Going Underground

The Trial

The first new Doctor Who to be broadcast for more than 18 months started promisingly with a new version of the theme, which I think is one of the better versions of the theme, and a, frankly, amazing piece of model making as the camera swept around the ship which then dragged the TARDIS into…… Continue reading The Trial

Greased Lightning

Revelation of the Daleks Episode One For once we don’t open with a lengthy TARDIS scene, which is actually a nice change and the TARDIS just arrives on a planet and the story begins. It actually takes quite a while for the Doctor to actually get involved in the story proper and, in this first…… Continue reading Greased Lightning


In the final scene of Timelash we find out that Herbert was in fact the famous author H G Wells and that the moral of the story is that quite a lot of his later novels were in fact based upon his adventures in the TARDIS in that story, or that Glen McCoy thought that…… Continue reading HG WHO?