Meat is Murder

The Two Doctors Part Three We are now at the point of the story where all of the threads have come together and we have to wait and see how it all gets sorted out. At the moment it isn’t looking too good for anyone. Peri is being carried of by Shockeye who wants to…… Continue reading Meat is Murder

Viva Espana

The Two Doctors Part Two In the second episode it turns out that the thing that attacked Peri was not an animal, or strange alien creature, but Jamie, who appeared to have been the only survivor of the massacre on the station. It can only be assumed the Sontarans just assumed that they had got…… Continue reading Viva Espana

Double vision

The Two Doctors episode one It must have been quite confusing for some people watching the Two Doctors episode one when the episode opened in black and white and there was some grey haired bloke, and Joe Sugden from Emmerdale Farm, in the TARDIS. It then just as suddenly went into colour but it looked…… Continue reading Double vision