The Apprentice 2018 Episode 2

Task two involved creating comic books for children aged 8-12 creating a basic concept issue with an augmented reality cover and then try to sell the concept to various retailers and magazine specialists.

It was still boys versus girls this task and, once again, none of the girls apart from Khadiaja were keen to put their name forward, so when she threw her name into the ring they all decided that she was the one. Lol.

With the boys Frank and David both put their name forward on the grounds that they were both very creative. Despite the fact that David writes fiction as a hobby Frank was chosen as project manager for the task and might have been a better fit but the majority rules in this situation.

The girls (well Khadija mostly. with the other girls not managing to get a word in edgeways which is saying something with these women) decided on an educational comic with a gender neutral character who visited place and learn things about the said place in each issue.

The boys went with the adventures of a young boy in space which they thought would be exactly what kids of that age would read, which to be honest was the exactly the sort of thing that I did read at that age, Eagle & Tiger if you are interested, which I am sure you are not.

David was given the job of leading the sub team to come up with the story but was not give that much of brief by Frank and even with his experience of writing fiction wasn’t able to come up with a more interesting idea than a boy who is transported into space through his telescope and had a very brief adventure.

To be honest the girl’s idea wasn’t exactly original either but with its educational bent was a little bit more worthy than the boy’s efforts and could at least make out that they were tying to better young minds with their comic.

When it came to the augmented reality thing for the front cover the girls really went for it and did a whole song and dance routine with their character. The boy’s character just swayed to side and side, but not at the same time as when was talking, as it is difficult to do more than one thing at the same time, especially if you are a bloke.

At least the artwork for the books were half decent as they actually used professionals for that, which was a good thing as I dread to think what it would have looked like if they can done the story and the artwork, given that the stories were not up to much in the first place.

When it was time to pitch their wares the boys didn’t manage to generate much interest in their comic but it didn’t help that David went into the pitch stating what they hadn’t done but then again it was a shit product so I am not sure that what he said was that damaging in general when the product was so bad.

When it came down to the orders the boys did really badly and hardly got any orders, unsurprisingly, and the girls (thanks to Jackie) got a massive order of 10,000 and so won the task quite comfortably.

Frank bought David back to the boardroom for not being inventive enough and also for slagging off the product in the pitches and also Kurran for not being able to talk and move at the same time and basically making a pig’s ear of the augmented reality cover for the boys.

Basically Kurran has done very little and it would have been very easy to fire him for this task but when David started saying about what the product did not have to the pitched that was more than likely why they ultimately failed the task coupled with the fact that the product was shite and not worth ordering.

So therefore David was the person fired even though he could just have easily Frank for being a poor project manager and Kurran for being as wooden as a bookcase and not engaging people through the augmented reality.


The Apprentice 2018 Episode 1

The Apprentice is back with another 16 over enthusiastic wannabee’s Lord Sugar’s vying for the £250,000 that Lord Sugar will throw at them if he thinks he can do business with them. Due to what happened in this first episode he would be better of firing them all and giving some other people a chance as the majority of these people were not actually all that much cop and plenty of them deserved to go at the end of the episode, and it was only a shame that just one of them was sent home.

They are shaking it up this series and for the first task he sent them away with a checklist of items to purchase and a time limit with fines for items that were not purchased, and a fine for getting back to the start point late.

The most random shopping list ever included specialist salt, honeycomb, a filigree, a traditional cape, a souvenir house and an octopus with a 40-inch hose and the venue for this escapade was Malta, a place that most of the candidates had never even heard of which was a good start.

Of course the fun began when they got the list of items which as usual were hardly self explanatory and without the use of mobile phones which as the series progresses is getting more and more frustrating for the candidates who have probably had mobile phones since they were about 6 weeks old, but it makes for interesting viewing as they all try and work out what on earth they are supposed to be buying which they can get spectacularly wrong, usually with hilarious consequences, and this episode is no different in that sense.

So it was the boys versus the girls and both teams sat down together for the first time and debated about who should be project manager for the first task which is a onerous task so hardly anybody wanted to put themselves in apart from Kayode for the boys teams who was the first to offer himself up at the sacrificial project manager which none of the boys had a problem with, funny that.

For the girls it was Jackie who said that she thought that Jasmine would be the best project manager due to her skillset and immediately all of the other girls thought that was a wonderful idea and all put their backing behind Jasmine, and of course all ready to blame her if it all went wrong, not that any of the rest of them were quick to offer their services as pm.

They all tried to guess what the items were with the boys being convinced that Lord Sugar wanted an actual octopus. Some of them had the bright idea of ringing up the local tourist information to find out what some of the items were, some of them just decided to wing it and hope for the best. The teams eventually split into two groups who then went to get as many of the items as they could and were told to keep in touch with each other so that they didn’t both buy the same item.

Some of the items were easier to find than others and some of them were running around like headless chickens for much of the task wishing that the other team would fail. The boys never found out that the octopus was a piece of scuba diving equipment and went and bought a real one albeit a dead one.

The girls forgot basic mathematics when purchasing the sugar and nearly didn’t get enough bags to fit the specifications they were given at the start of the task. The girls also ended up getting two of the same item with their total lack of communication with each other. The boys managed to avoid getting the same item but did totally get the wrong end of the stick with the octopus, which was highly amusing.

The girls also managed to get back to the meeting point late which also went against them. What with getting back late, and getting the same item twice, it was the girls who narrowly lost the task meaning that one of them would get fired so it was talons out for all of the girls, who all gave their twopenneth in the boardroom about how it all went wrong and, of course, and that it was nobody’s fault except for Jasmine the project manager who was the one who was obviously the person to be fired, just because.

Jasmine didn’t take it lying down and said that Jackie was not much help and also that people did not listen to her. In the end Lord Sugar asked her to pick two people to bring back in with her and naturally she picked Jackie and also picked Sarah. Now whilst Jackie had not bought anything and hadn’t really contributed meaningfully to the task, Sarah has actually bought something. Yes, she had trumped another girls negotiation and was also generally rather loud, but she had made a purchase, which was kind of the whole point of the task.

In the end it was her mouth that got the better of her and Sarah was fired when you had to say that both Jackie and Jasmine were both far more culpable for the failure of the task but it seems that both Jackie and Jasmine have something more than Sarah did in the eyes of Lord Sugar. Only time will tell what that actually is.

Death in Paradise Series 7.2


In this episode Dwayne gets promoted to acting detective as Florence is out of action after injuring her ankle. So we don’t get an awful lot of Florence in this episode, but Dwayne is a hoot in this episode which him trying slightly too hard to be a detective much to the amusement of Jack and the audience.

In this episode there was a major poker tournament on the island and during the final one of the contestants drops down dead, in full view of all of the other contestants, and the people watching the match. It is later discovered that the victim was poisoned and a playing card was found with a rather rare and deadly poison on it and it was deduced that the only people who could have killed the victim were the other three finalists and the dealer.

When we started to find out a bit about each of the suspects it turns out that they all had things to hide that ultimately made them a suspect for the murder and to be honest it could have been any of them. For instance one of the potential murderers in this episode turned out to be the long lost daughter of the victim, but would that really have been enough for them to commit murder. Another one of them was being blackmailed by the victim, which is rather a decent motive. To be honest the culprit in the end did have quite a decent motive but then again it could equally have applied to any of the other suspects as well.

The main highlight of this episode was Dwayne playing at being detective and his eagerness to speak to the nurses instead of Jack because he thought they were all young, hot nurses rather than the older ladies that they turned out to be was extremely amusing.

Death in Paradise 7.1


Death in Paradise returns as though nothing had happened. In this episode the wife to be of the billionaire owner of a hotel chain which happens to have a branch on the island, think the Hilton’s, who is found dead after apparently throwing herself off the balcony of the hotel with everyone including the commissioner of police convinced that she had thrown herself to her death, apart from Detective Jack Mooney.

Mooney, who, from the moment that he found the victims body, decided that it wasn’t as straight forwards as everyone else, including much of his own staff, thought it would be but, as the husband to be of the victim, was a friend of the commissioner’s the investigation almost got shut down from the get go, but Jack just wouldn’t let it go despite all of that and got himself into a bit of by bother by just doing his job properly by you know asking people questions which they did not want to answer because it might, you know, incriminate them, which just wouldn’t do at all.

What I liked about this episode was the fact that none of the children of the husband to be of the victim even considered that they would be suspect’s in this as they assumed that everybody would have thought that she took her own life and they very nearly got their own way if it wasn’t for that pesky Jack.

They also that they were above suspicion, which naturally means that their actions has been incredibly suspicious but, thought that nobody would look into their actions, as they have lots and lots of money and therefore can get way with anything which of course meant nothing to Jack and that is why in the end he got his man.

It was lovely to see the show back as it makes you feel warm just watching it, which is great when it is freezing outside. Once again the best part of the episode is at the end when Jack explains what has been going on and you think “oh yes I can see now” after you have spend the last hour scratching your head about how this was actually a murder and how the person who Jack has just pronounced to be the murderer was able to do it, and almost, get away with it.

I can’t say that I worked it out either, as that would be a lie but it was a fun watch once again and there was some nice scenes with Dwayne trying to avoid an old fling of his and the reason why she was so pissed at him were hilarious and so very, very Dwayne.