Book review : Exodus Code

Exodus Code (Torchwood)Exodus Code by Carole E. Barrowman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exodus Code is set in the aftermath of the events in Torchwood : Miracle Day but, rather than the sprawling epic that was the fourth series of Torchwood, this book is more akin to the third series of Torchwood : Children of Earth in its scope and breadth.

Captain Jack Harkness is the main character in the story and he is lovingly recreated in print which is probably not surprising when John Barrowman co-wrote this book but there is no doubt that he also understands Torchwood as this book is a really great example of what Torchwood can be.

Gwen has quite a bit to do in this novel but it really is mainly Jack’s story which is really what I think Torchwood is all about when all is said and done.

Rex Matheson makes a brief cameo in the book which is enough for me as I never really took to his character and was quite disappointed that he came out of Torchwood alive when poor old Esther got killed.

It was also nice to see Rhys and Andy again and it was nice to have a bit more of the action set in Cardiff as that was more like the Torchwood of old which, to be honest, I have always preferred.

The plot is interesting and is the sort of idea that really suits the Torchwood concept and would definitely work on the small screen as well.

I really enjoyed this book and if this is how Torchwood has to continue then I would be happy with it and would be happy to read further novels in a similar vein.

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The Miracle Revealed

Miracle Day Episode 9 & 10

Episodes nine and ten bring Miracle Day to a close and they were amongst the best episodes in the series. In episode 9 they finally start looking for The Blessing and they find out the names of three families who were the three people who Jack saw discussing him when he was being bled back in the 1920s and they start to look into it, but it isn’t made any easier for them as it turns out that there is a member of one of the families in the CIA itself and they have been feeding misinformation to the agency from the word go.

They work out who the mole is in the final episode but it becomes clear in the penultimate episode who the mole is and I must say that I was surprised at the identity of the mole and wouldn’t have thought that it was that person that it turned out to be at all, in fact I was rather disappointed to be honest!

Things move up a gear in this episode as we learn what the blessing is, but it isn’t really explained that well and I am still not entirely sure what it is but we also find out the location of the Blessing which is where Rex, Esther, Jack and Gwen head armed with Jack’s blood.

In the penultimate episode we find out what the blessing wants, well we sort of find out what it wants anyway as drops of Jack’s blood seem to be drawn to a specific location when spilled which means that they were right to go there.

In the final episode we learn the true meaning of the miracle and how it works and we also learn how the miracle can be reversed which is by Captain Jack dying and giving him his mortal blood which will counteract with the immortal blood of Jack that they had been feeding into the blessing for years and years. That is quandary in the final episode of Miracle Day – does Captain Jack sacrifice himself for the good of the human race, or does he let the human race suffer so that he can finally die?

By the end of the story we do know a little bit more about the miracle and about why it happened and, of course, how it was all reset to normal but we still know very little about the three families apart from their names and also that they are very persistent and are going to bide their time. Does this mean that if there is another series of Torchwood that the families will reappear and try something else?

In typically Torchwoodian fashion not all of the main characters made it out of the series alive but in my opinion it was the wrong character that made it through, and that is only because I just don’t like them, and never had since they were introduced this series.

It does beg the question with the reveal in the final episode if we really needed much of the previous nine episodes to get to this point of the story. The answer, quite frankly, is no, and this could have been told in half the time it was, but it was a good ride over the course of the ten weeks, even if at times it did feel as though they were getting nowhere fast.

I did enjoy Miracle Day and it was nice to have the story unfold over a number of weeks, but I do think that it would have worked better if they had shown it over two weeks with five episodes a week and I am going to have to try and watch it in that format to see if my suspicions are correct.

We Are Family

Torchwood Miracle Day Episode 8

In the eighth episode, The End of the Road, we find out more about the hell is going on than we have in the previous eight episodes put together. We learn that Angelo Colosanto from the previous episode was still alive at the age of 100 and something (and had been watching Jack from afar ever since), but in a comatose state and kept alive by machinery and that Nana Visitor’s character was his granddaughter.

We also learned the names of the three families who were the people who in the previous episode made an agreement and also were the families who were mentioned in earlier episodes as the people who were behind the Miracle.

Oswald and Jilly return in this episode for a few scenes including a very creepy scene where Oswald tries to offer to take this woman out on a date after asking Jilly to get him a woman. He then hears about a new category, category 0, for people like him, who should be dead, but are not able to die and when he finds out about that he goes a bit mad and runs off after assaulting Jilly, who fights back like an alley cat.

Jilly is approached by one of the family members and we also learn that the one of Esther’s colleagues, Charlotte, is in fact part of the family, which is something that I did not see coming. The Blessing is also mentioned and the team (who have by known become affiliated with the CIA) try to find out about the three families and the blessing itself.

We also find out a bit more about Morphic fields such as how they work and that the one that was beneath Angelo’s bed had actually been taken from the ruins of the Torchwood hub. A highlight of this episode has to be the appearance of John ‘Q’ De Lancie as the head of the CIA Shapiro who played a great part with plenty of great lines and easily became one of the best guest stars in this series so far. I hope to see him again in the last couple of episodes.

This episode actually moves the plot along which is not something that has happened in Miracle Day for quite some time and we are getting closer and closer to the truth which is just as well as there are only two episodes to go and they are running out of time and I am really hoping that ending is just rushed after all of this build up, which would be a real shame.

It’s A Sin

The seventh episode of Miracle Day, Immortal Sins, is probably the most Torchwood like episode of Miracle Day so far in that is mainly features Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper and also features a flashback into Jack’s past. There is no Oswald or Jilly in this episode at alland Rex and Esther appear in it pretty much at the beginning and at the end.

The main focus of this episode is Gwen taking Captain Jack to a rendezvous with the people who have kidnapped Gwen’s mother and Rhys at the end of the previous episode and there were some quite good scenes between Jack and Gwen as she wrestles with her conscience.

In the flashbacks set in New York in 1928, Jack meets a man, Angelo, who is trying to come over to America from Italy who managed to steal Jack’s papers and then tries to pass himself off as Jack, before Jack reaches him just in time.

He decides to help this man, and in the episode they have a bit of a fling (Jack is certainly getting about a bit in this series isn’t he) as well as get involved with a mobster who wants Jack to find a box for him. In this box there is an alien parasite which Jack has to neutralise.

Jack also makes reference to the Doctor here just for all of the Doctor Who fans who have been tuning into this week after week, not because they want to, but because they feel like they have to as it is a Doctor Who spinoff.

When they are trying to escape after discovering the box they are ambushed and Jack is shot and presmused dead. Unable to do anything about it Angelo is carted of himself. A year later when he released from prison Angelo finds Jack waiting for him and he tells Angleo that he is not able to die and that is when the shit well and truly hits the fan as Angelo thinks that he must be the devil and he turns him over to the butcher who works in the shop below the room he was renting.

Then there are some quite horrific scenes of crowds of people all having a go at killing Jack while the others watched awaiting their turn. A bit later on Jack sees three people in front of him all agreeing that he was now their property. Angelo then helps Jack to escape from his bonds and his predicament, and then Jack takes his leave of Angelo.

What seemed like another diversion away from the main plot actually turned out to be very, very important indeed as after the last minute revelaton by Major Kira from DS9 (I can’t remember her characters name), who was one of the people who had come to collect Captain Jack from their rendezvous point, about the one person who knew how the miracle happened, and that that person was in fact, Angelo who had been waiting for Jack for a very, very long time. More than 80 years in fact. He must be mighty pissed.