Today on BBC1

Friday April 3rd 1964 The Days broadcasting began with Watch With Mother at 10:45am. Today was The Woodentops. This ran till 11am. At 1.25 there was The News. This was followed by Watch With Mother again at 1.30 with The Flowerpot Men this time until 1.45pm. Programming began again 17:10 with Deputy Dawg followed by…… Continue reading Today on BBC1

Today on Anglia TV

Friday April 2nd 1971 In Anglia land television commenced at 4pm with the Anglia Newsroom followed by Women Today, a magazine programme; The Romper Room; Lost in Space: Fugitives in Space where Don and Doctor Smith are sent to an intergalactic prison after coming across an escapee. The News was at 5.45pm followed by About…… Continue reading Today on Anglia TV

Family Affairs (1949)

Family Affairs was the first television serial broadcast on BBC Television. It was broadcast live on Saturday evenings at 9.30pm from 29th October 1949. I suppose it was the forerunner of the soap opera. For 14 episodes, with a short break for Christmas, the television public was witness to the adventures of the Connover family.…… Continue reading Family Affairs (1949)