EURO 2021 DAYS 2 & 3

Day 2 saw Wales draw with Switzerland in a game in which Wales were the weaker side in general but still managed to come away with a point. I am not sure if Wales will get through the group but I live in hope. I cannot see anyone but Italy topping the group but, if…… Continue reading EURO 2021 DAYS 2 & 3


Kerblam! was one of those Doctor Who episodes which took something ordinary, and mundane, and turned it into something deadly dangerous in this case it was bubble wrap turned into a highly explosive material by a young man angry at the automation of almost all job roles in the future, a topic that is always…… Continue reading Kapow!

EURO 2020

Finally the Euro’s have begun and it can’t have come soon enough for me with lots of games to look foward to watching. Naturally being English I don’t expect that we will win, and expect to knocked out on penalties at some point but I still like watching the matches regardless. Game 1 saw Italy…… Continue reading EURO 2020