“When you visit a friend’s house, do you find time to browse their bookcases? Does it shock you if they don’t have one?” Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not, but I do like having a glance over them to see what books they do have. If they don’t happen to have a bookshelf it…… Continue reading Bookshelves

Books read in June

I only read six books in June which makes it a rather slow month for me but I blame the World Cup which has kept my attention for much of this month for this, as well as my reading of James Joyce’s Uylsses. The books that I read were Under the Moon a short science…… Continue reading Books read in June

Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays is a bookish meme created by MizB of the blog Should Be Reading. This is a weekly event which gently encourages us all to think about our interactions with books and our feelings towards them. Anyone can join in, so let’s have some fun! What to Do: Describe one of your reading habits.…… Continue reading Musing Mondays


There are quite a few of these to be honest. One I always have liked was Kathryn Bigelow’s Strange Days set in a dysptopian future where other people’s personal experiences are sold like a videogame. This didn’t do very well at the time but I thought it was quite good and it stands up quite…… Continue reading Untitled