The Final Countdown

The World Cup ended abysmally for Brazil who lost 3-0 to Holland to finish 4th in the tournament. For most countries that would have been good enough, but not for Brazil who seemed to expect to win this tournament , despite having a generally poor team. Holland finished 3rd which they have never done before,…… Continue reading The Final Countdown

The Semi-Finals

The first semi-final saw Brazil take on Germany. Brazil were without Neymar, who had been injured in the previous game, and their captain Tiago Silva, who had been suspended for this game. Even without those in the squad they had not been convincing but had always managed to find a way to win. German had…… Continue reading The Semi-Finals

The Last Eight

In the quarter finals of the World Cup Brazil played Columbia and didn’t exactly outclass them. The first goal Brazil scored from Tiago Silva was a well worked move where Silva just jabbed the ball into the back of the net using his knee. Brazil doubled there lead with a fine free kick from David…… Continue reading The Last Eight

Round of 16 part two

The final two games in the round of 16 both ended in extra time and both were completed before penalties were required, which is the best way forward, as losing on penalties is even worse than losing to a half decent goal. Switzerland were incredibly unlucky to lose to Argentina who did nothing for 119…… Continue reading Round of 16 part two