30 Day Gotham Rogues Challenge

Day 1: First Gotham Rogue You Fell In Love With
Day 2: Favorite Gotham Rogue
Day 3: Gotham Rogue Never Expected To Like As Much As You Do
Day 4: Least Favorite Gotham Rogue
Day 5: Gotham Rogue Everyone Else Likes That You Don’t
Day 6: Gotham Rogue You Once Liked and Now Don’t
Day 7: First Batman/Gotham Comic You Read
Day 8: First Batman/Gotham Movie You Watched
Day 9: First Batman/Gotham Cartoon You Watched
Day 10: Favorite Batman/Gotham Comic Story Arc
Day 11: Favorite Batman/Gotham Movie
Day 12: Favorite Batman/Gotham Cartoon
Day 13: Favorite Video Game Based in Gotham
Day 14: Favorite Gotham Canon Pairing
Day 15: Favorite Gotham Non-Canon Pairing
Day 16: Gotham Pairing I Despise
Day 17: Favorite Rogue Costume
Day 18: Favorite Artist
Day 19: Favorite Writer
Day 20: Favorite Hero (Batfam or otherwise)
Day 21: Gotham Rogue That Deserves More Attention
Day 22: Favorite Quote of Your Favorite Rogue
Day 23: Gotham Rogue You Relate Most To & Why
Day 24: Gotham Rogue You Would Cosplay As
Day 25: Dream Rogue Team Up
Day 26: Favorite Gadget
Day 27: Favorite Place In Gotham
Day 28: Moment That Always Makes You Laugh
Day 29: Moment That Always Makes You Cry
Day 30: Short Description + Favorite Character