Should I stay or should I go?

I would say that, on the balance of probability, I am more likely to vote remain than leave tomorrow. In other words I don’t have a fecking clue which way to turn.

I don’t even pretend to understand the ins and outs of what is best for the country and it is likely that my decision is more than likely going to be on what I believe is best, rather than what is actually best, not that I am qualified to make such a judgement.

Having watched the debate on the television the other night I am even more confused than I was before and that is saying something as I was pretty confused about the whole thing a couple of months ago, let along a couple of days ago.

Human rights and workers rights and social equality are all important factors for me, but I am not entirely convinced by the argument that if we left that they would disappear if the vote was to leave, which is what the Remain campaign would lead us to believe.

It could happen if a party was voted in on the basis of these rights being ripped away and then there would be a problem. My issue with this is that I am not sure that any party would be elected on that basis.

Whilst it is true that I do not trust the Tory party not to get rid of these rights if they could the question remains would they be allowed to get away with it and, as I far as I am concerned, I am not sure that they would.

I do believe that a Tory administrator with the vote being Brexit is quite a scary thought for an awful lot of people (and by that I mean people like me) as the hard right of the party i.e. the one who are predominantly campaigning for Brexit, are far, far worse than Cameron and Gideon, and that is quite a frightful prospect.

We could have Boris as Prime Minister. Imagine that, if you dare. He may turn out to be a very good Prime Minister but the very idea of him being in charge at this moment in time chills me to the bone, and do we really want to take that risk?

If we do vote leave then surely David Cameron has to go as he has been one of the main voices of the remain campaign and surely a vote for leave will be a vote of no confidence for him as Prime Minister.

Now although like this idea but I do think that there are far worse people to run the Tories than Cameron who could do a lot more damage that Cameron has done, which is another frightful prospect, which for me is a good reason to vote to Remain.

I don’t believe for one moment that if we did leave the EU then there would be great sums of money suddenly being made available for the NHS, for houses, for more jobs etc.

I noticed that more money for welfare has never been mentioned as something that might benefit from a Brexit, but I guess that wouldn’t be a very popular one.

I just can’t see how this money will not be subsumed somewhere else and not straight to the countries priorities as the Brexit campaign has said. It would be nice if it did, and a good reason to vote to leave if it did, but I just can’t see it myself.

I also don’t believe that leaving will necessarily mean that all of a sudden the issue of mass immigration will be sorted because it isn’t that simple, it isn’t that black and white. Immigration may be not be controllable within the EU, but I doubt that it would be much better out of it either and I just don’t think that leaving is going to make that much of a difference.

If wages went down and prices went up then that would affect all of us but if you believe some people then wages will go down if we leave, and they will go down if we say, so who are we supposed to believe?

I do think that leaving will ruin the NHS and that it is much safer if we stayed in the EU. Leaving as far as I am concerned gives the Tory the chance to fast track the privatisation plans they have been putting into place for many years and will almost certainly happen if we do leave in my opinion for what is worth.

I think that the rights for workers are much safer if we stay, and that there will be more opportunity for social justice if we stay, mainly because I do not trust a Tory administration not to try and get rid of all of these by the back door and, let’s face it, we have got a Tory government for the next four years at least, so what chance do we have as workers, as humans?

I don’t believe that Leaving will necessarily mean that we will find it harder to trade, or that there will be tariffs imposed on us if we leave, as we just don’t have that information that if we did leave that there would be not tariffs imposed upon us. It might happen, and then again it might not. What sort of argument is that?

I think that voting to leave is a big jump into the dark and , even though I can see the Brexit side of the argument, I do think that it may be a little too dark out there for my liking, and not being a big fan of change, and not being a gambler who enjoys and thrives on risk, and as someone who believes that workers should have all the rights that they can, and as someone who believes in the NHS and all that it stand for, I am going to vote to Remain, which may, or may not, be a surprise to you, but that is my gut feeling…at the moment!