Oh It’s Ladies Night

Jessica Jones AKA Ladies Night

The first episode of Jessica Jones is rather good. It introduces the rather bolshy and tough character of Jessica Jones, a girl who takes no punches, but throughout the episode she shows other sides to her character, and you can tell that she is a rather damaged individual indeed, and that she is also a very real person which you really can’t say for most superhero characters.

Indeed what this show has is a lot of very realistic characters who are people that you might actually meet in real life and not the sort of people who live in a make believe word that you normally get on the pages of comic books, particularly those in both Marvel and DC comics, which is also quite nice.

Unlike in the comics there isn’t much indication of her past as a superhero which is a major point in the comics but there are some lines in the episode which do sort of reference that. You certainly don’t have to have read the comics to get something out of this series as it takes a lot of liberties with the source material.

Jessica’s life certainly isn’t glamorous and neither is the world in which she inhabits and the cinematography in the series really goes lengths to show the dinginess and darkness of her world. Jessica is a private detective who spends most of her time spying on people for other people, and finding people for people, and this can sometimes get her into trouble, both good and bad in this episode, it has to be said.

She also has a troubled past and that is shown in this episode where a strange man keeps appearing in Jessica’s mind and at point appears to lick her face which is very creepy indeed and you do wonder who the hell this guy is and exactly what he has done because he had certainly done something very bad indeed and you get the impression that he is probably not very far away at all.

This strange man is actually played by David Tennant in a part so far removed from that of the tenth Doctor that you actually realize that he is in fact rather a good actor, which I was always a bit dubious of until I saw this, as he is very creepy indeed in this, and that is without actually appearing fully on screen at all.

The new case she got in this episode was to look for this girl who had started acting rather strangely and this caused her mother and father to employ a private investigator for a reason which isn’t particularly clear but it turns out that Jessica knows exactly what has happened to the girl and that it isn’t good at all.

When the episode ends you know that this isn’t going to be your normal run of the mill comic book TV series and the rather shocking ending prepares the viewers for the rest of the series that you never know what is going to happen in this show, which I rather like.

It is also very different from what you would expect from a TV series based on comic books, unless you had read the actual comic that this is based upon, and you realize that this version is not quite as dark, and sweary, as the original, but does have about the same violence quotient.

The sex scene in the episode did take me a bit aback in its ferocity as there was little lead up to it and, it just sort of happened, but for all that you didn’t actually see anything, there was no nudity or anything like that, but it was certainly not what you might expect from this sort of show, but which I guess will be quite commonplace for this show.